Prepping 101

Double check your ideas about prepping – they may be outdated.

What comes to mind when you think of prepping? Maybe a year of food storage, bunkers, living in the woods, surviving without electricity or running water?  Maybe you’ve got a few more ideas – but realistically – what’s the future going to hold? Sure, we live in uncertain times – just about anything COULD happen, however it’s more likely that someone would be dealing with health issue, job loss, or poor weather.

Step 1: Gradually build up your food supply.

Everyone has different situations in life – maybe you’re not close to a grocery store or you’re strapped for cash – but building up a food store for ‘a rainy day’ is critical, and believe it or not, one of the least expensive things you can do to prepare.  Start with buying an extra can or two of tuna next time you’re at the grocery store and work your way up to a case of canned goods and eventually preserving your own home grown produce.

Step 2: Store drinking water.

You can’t live without it – store it.

Step 3: Set some money aside.

Weather under the mattress or in the bank – save some cash.


Reference: Family Home Storage: A New Message


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