Garden Hoop House – DIY

So you would like to have a greenhouse but you don't have an extra $2000-$3000 laying around anywhere...?  Me too!  Here's a way to make your own for under $300. I wasn't thinking about making this an article when I made it so there are some steps I don't have pictures for but you should be able to see enough details in the images to figure out what I'm talking … [Read more...]

Portable Solar Battery Pack – DIY

So I went out and got one of those commercial solar charged packs.  It looked like a good deal.  Got it all setup and charged and even got to use it once when the power was out for a couple hours.  I tried to use it a few days later and the entire thing was dead.  Would not do anything at all...  Returned it to the store where I had purchased it and got my $327.97 … [Read more...]