What If…

Are you ready for a long term power outage?

What If…  today was the last ‘normal’ day any of us ever have? What if in ten minutes time, life as we know it ceases to exist?  How it could start for millions of people. s winter, sometimes a line comes down, especially up here in the hills, looking out of the window usually gives you… Continue reading What If…

How to rig a snare

Snaring is a minimalist form of hunting and is usually done with small game; however, there are snaring methods for trapping larger game, too. You want to begin by finding where the animals are moving because a commonly successful location for snaring is on an active game trail. This is because animals move through your… Continue reading How to rig a snare

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FLIR – How it works

Basic Principles Heat ALWAYS moves from a hotter to colder object. Heat is transferred by 3 different mechanisms: radiation, convection, and conduction. Conduction – heat transfers because one physical body is in contact with another. You put an ice pack on your aching knee, and heat flows from your warmer knee into the cooler ice… Continue reading FLIR – How it works