Useful Skills for Preppers

First Aid and Basic Emergency Medical Care:  Knowing how to stabilize a broken limb pending proper care, how to reduce or stop traumatic bleeding, how and when to apply sutures to a wound, etc. If you’re really inclined, you could go all the way and become a medic, a practicing nurse, or a doctor or surgeon.  In general, medical training and knowhow are always in demand … [Read more...]

What kinds of things are good for bartering?

AMMO.  Any and all kinds will be worth their weight in gold.  The more common the caliber the more likely you will know somebody that wants to trade for what you have.  9mm, 22LR, 45 acp, 40s&w, 223/5.56, 308, 30-06 just to name a few... Cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco; supplies may be limited or altogether unavailable after whatever catastrophe has occurred, so … [Read more...]