Bug out bag contents

alicepackYou’ve probably heard of bug out bags but you might not know what they are for. A bug out bag is quite simply a bag that contains enough stuff to help you get away from a bad situation.  What you keep in your bag is up to you but you should consider what type of situation you might need to get away from and remember you will have to carry it so don’t make it too heavy. I recommend a backpack since you might need to lug it a ways…

My bug out bag contains the following items:

3 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
6 bottles of water
1 mylar emergency blanket
1 rain poncho
1 pair heavy socks
1 pair blue jeans
2 shirts
1 folding pocket knife
50 foot of paracord
1 Bic lighter
1 bug spray
1 small toiletry kit (tooth brush, tooth paste, disposable razor, bar of soap, small deodorant)
1 combination whistle/compass
1 small flashlight
1 NOAA weather radio

This is what I would consider to be a minimal load and may not be everything you can think of that you might need but it’s a good start.  When the time of need comes, I have some more space available in the bag for other things but the list above is what I keep ready to go.  I think my bag would be able to get me through 3 days in a bad situation.  What’s in your bug out bag?

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