What If…

What If…  today was the last ‘normal’ day any of us ever have? What if in ten minutes time, life as we know it ceases to exist?  How it could start for millions of people. s winter, sometimes a line comes down, especially up here in the hills, looking out of the window usually gives you an idea of how widespread the outage is. Today is no different. The difference today … [Read more...]

How to rig a snare

Snaring is a minimalist form of hunting and is usually done with small game; however, there are snaring methods for trapping larger game, too. You want to begin by finding where the animals are moving because a commonly successful location for snaring is on an active game trail. This is because animals move through your snare essentially trapping and strangling themselves. … [Read more...]

Useful Skills for Preppers

First Aid and Basic Emergency Medical Care:  Knowing how to stabilize a broken limb pending proper care, how to reduce or stop traumatic bleeding, how and when to apply sutures to a wound, etc. If you’re really inclined, you could go all the way and become a medic, a practicing nurse, or a doctor or surgeon.  In general, medical training and knowhow are always in demand … [Read more...]

What kinds of things are good for bartering?

AMMO.  Any and all kinds will be worth their weight in gold.  The more common the caliber the more likely you will know somebody that wants to trade for what you have.  9mm, 22LR, 45 acp, 40s&w, 223/5.56, 308, 30-06 just to name a few... Cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco; supplies may be limited or altogether unavailable after whatever catastrophe has occurred, so … [Read more...]

Garden Hoop House – DIY

So you would like to have a greenhouse but you don't have an extra $2000-$3000 laying around anywhere...?  Me too!  Here's a way to make your own for under $300. I wasn't thinking about making this an article when I made it so there are some steps I don't have pictures for but you should be able to see enough details in the images to figure out what I'm talking … [Read more...]

Portable Solar Battery Pack – DIY

So I went out and got one of those commercial solar charged packs.  It looked like a good deal.  Got it all setup and charged and even got to use it once when the power was out for a couple hours.  I tried to use it a few days later and the entire thing was dead.  Would not do anything at all...  Returned it to the store where I had purchased it and got my $327.97 … [Read more...]

FLIR – How it works

Basic Principles Heat ALWAYS moves from a hotter to colder object. Heat is transferred by 3 different mechanisms: radiation, convection, and conduction. Conduction - heat transfers because one physical body is in contact with another. You put an ice pack on your aching knee, and heat flows from your warmer knee into the cooler ice pack. There has to be physical … [Read more...]

Food Storage on a budget

There are lots of places that are selling food storage options.  Dehydrated and freeze dried are the most common for long term storage.  Shelf life times for most of them range from 7 to 25 years.  Only trouble with the current commercial long term food storage options is the price.  If you can afford it, great, get as much as you can and you have the quickest long term … [Read more...]

Bug out bag contents

You've probably heard of bug out bags but you might not know what they are for. A bug out bag is quite simply a bag that contains enough stuff to help you get away from a bad situation.  What you keep in your bag is up to you but you should consider what type of situation you might need to get away from and remember you will have to carry it so don't make it too heavy. I … [Read more...]

Simple Water Purification Methods

You can spend lots of money on fancy filters that will make water safe to drink but there are a few ways to do it without spending much money and you probably already have everything you need at home. 3 DIY methods to make water safe to drink: Solar purification Chlorine purification Boiling For each method below you will need something to filter dirt or other … [Read more...]