Monolithic Filters

Traditional Bulb Filter

Here’s a great idea – an inexpensive ceramic filter for water filtration or an inexpensive drip filter.  but a small hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and fasten this to the bottom of the bucket.  For an extra tight seal you could use some silicone, but it probably isn’t necessary.  This is a pretty awesome filter.  Keeps dirt, sand, particles and bacteria such as typhoid, cholera and amoeba from getting into your drinking water.

Insert your bucket into another 5 gallon bucket – fill the top with water and before you know it you’ve got some clean and delicious filtered water filling the lower bucket… now how do you get that water out?  Well, you’re clever – a spigot or valve of some kind will work just fine.  You have something like a nice Berky Water Filter – by the way I own one and they are awesome!

Berky Water Filter

So why aren’t I telling you to go out and buy a Berky or some other fancy water filter?  Well, the Berky does filter AND some models do purify – but when you’re in an emergency situation or you need an inexpensive way to filter lots of water putting aside a have dozen filters, a dozen buckets and a few parts for dispensing the life giving gift of water… well… this is the way to go.  Inexpensive, simple to set up, and quite easy to store.

Give it a try and comment below with how your project turned out.