Rural Prepper

The noise of the city was too much - and it was barely a suburbia at that. Growing fast, crowded by the nearby cities - just couldn't take it any more so we pulled up stakes and headed for the country! Living on a small farm in the country is the life for me! Its not easy - lots of work to fit in between the crack of dawn and the paying job... but there is always time after the children are put to bed as long as you've still got some candle light that is. It might be a little different that your situation, but hopefully you'll find something useful in the things we're doing on the farm!

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Economic collapse preparation – an exercise

What would you do now if you knew in 6/12/18 months there would be economic collapse or a severe depression? With all of the chaos of a financial collapse aside what would you do? If you still had a job would the pay be worth anything when things start to crumble? Consider the cost of what you take for granted today - food, fuel, utilities, entrainment? It will probably … [Read more...]

Eggs n’ preppn’ for breakfast

We do a lot every day to prepare for an unknown event.  Stashing some food away, making extra payments to reduce our debt, practice at the range, learning how to use our gear, and more.  We're buying our gear and putting together go bags, canning, everything we can to 'gear up'.  But think for a second.  With the exception of what we learn and possibly a go bag we have in … [Read more...]

Diversity in your preps – training

One thing that I see a lot of folks doing as they are getting ready for some future event (job loss, economic collapse, zombies, whatever) is to get a TON of gear so they will have a ton of hope when it comes - whatever it is that everything will be ok… but let's pause for a sec… think if you're in that boat. Do you have a lot of "stuff"?  Now, think about this and be … [Read more...]

Power’s out! Are we ready?

I just got a text message from the counties code red alert system. Power is out! Are we ready!? See how our impromptu power drill worked out. … [Read more...]

10 Phases of a new beekeeper

A friend is interested in bees this year - they asked for some help - they are nervous and unsure of what to expect.  I jotted down a quick 10 phase list of what to expect as a new bee keeper.  The details can be overwhelming, but they can be with anything else - so here it is in a nutshell. The idea (sounds cool!  I love honey!) The commitment (Let's do it!) Order the … [Read more...]

Monolithic Filters

Here's a great idea - an inexpensive ceramic filter for water filtration or an inexpensive drip filter.  but a small hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and fasten this to the bottom of the bucket.  For an extra tight seal you could use some silicone, but it probably isn't necessary.  This is a pretty awesome filter.  Keeps dirt, sand, particles and bacteria such as … [Read more...]