Eggs n’ preppn’ for breakfast

Eggs_In_One_Basket.jpgWe do a lot every day to prepare for an unknown event.  Stashing some food away, making extra payments to reduce our debt, practice at the range, learning how to use our gear, and more.  We’re buying our gear and putting together go bags, canning, everything we can to ‘gear up’.  But think for a second.  With the exception of what we learn and possibly a go bag we have in our car (if even that) everything we have is at home… literally at home.

We call that our home base, our sanctuary, our “HQ”.  But it also could be our biggest downfall.

Let’s say your house burns down, then what?

What if you can’t make it home?  Hope you carry a go bag – if not… nudge, nudge.

If the “Chinese army” comes to confiscate your firearms will they get everything?

The scenarios are endless, but maybe you’re getting the idea… not to keep all your eggs in the same basket.  Getting a go bag or a car kit together and keeping it in your vehicle is a start.  Ever thought of having a go bag at work (or where you spend your day away from “HQ”)?  That’s a start – and a good one!

Now, take it a step further.  Do you have a relative nearby? Maybe someone in your preparedness network that you could trust with some of your gear? Splitting up some of your gear and preps would give you an enormous advantage over ‘the bad guys’ or THE bad event.  And if it’s something like losing our job you can grab your gear from them and sell if that’s what’s needed.  No matter how you look at it you’re giving yourself a HUGE advantage if you spread out your gear.

If you don’t have someone you can leave some gear with, or as an added measure you can look into making a cache to store some items in.  Just make sure it’s secure, weather/water/bug proof, and most importantly you REMEMBER where you put it!  I’m not going to go into how to make a cache here, but just keep in mind that a cache can be small – maybe some cash/coins a radio or fire, or big enough to hold a few days worth of survival gear.  And they can be just about anywhere – don’t think that all caches have to be buried.

So hopefully you’ve seen the value of spreading out your preps.  Start by not having everything in one room.  Maybe put a few things in the garage or a shed.  Then graduate to keeping some stuff in  your vehicle, then graduate to a friend or relatives home or alternate location and then if you’ve got so much stuff you can put some in the ground well, maybe a cache is right for you.

Spread it out, it’s worth the effort!