Eggs n’ preppn’ for breakfast

We do a lot every day to prepare for an unknown event.  Stashing some food away, making extra payments to reduce our debt, practice at the range, learning how to use our gear, and more.  We're buying our gear and putting together go bags, canning, everything we can to 'gear up'.  But think for a second.  With the exception of what we learn and possibly a go bag we have in … [Read more...]

Diversity in your preps – training

One thing that I see a lot of folks doing as they are getting ready for some future event (job loss, economic collapse, zombies, whatever) is to get a TON of gear so they will have a ton of hope when it comes - whatever it is that everything will be ok… but let's pause for a sec… think if you're in that boat. Do you have a lot of "stuff"?  Now, think about this and be … [Read more...]